Maje's Spring Sale: Seven Things We Want

So, Maje is having a sale that's really good. It's not just 30 percent off, but 30 percent off stuff we want to wear right now: eyelet tops, printed miniskirts, ankle boots, and polished, vaguely French-looking jackets. (That last one solves the "I'm slightly cold but don't want to wear a cardigan with my party dress" issue. I need eight.)

Basically, the sale's their spring stuff, which makes the savings even more exciting. Sure, we won't turn down a deal on an amazing winter coat marked forty percent off come April, because we're not crazy (or disciplined?). But we'd much rather buy discounted stuff that happens to be in season, too—like our seven favorite things from Maje's spring sale, below. (Shop the full sale here.)

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