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"Zara actually has the best clothing that is not made for maternity. They have a lot of options that are floaty, a bit over-sized. Just get a size or two up."  - Lynette Pone, Senior Market Editor
"Buy dresses with a tie that can be removed and adjusted. You'd be surprised at how many there are out there. You will wear them all again! I ignored those little strings holding a belt in place while pregnant and tied the belt above my belly." - Anne Keane, Fashion Director
Belts above my stomach gave me shape, especially when wearing a cardigan." - Melissa McNamara, Senior Studio Manager of the Digital Studio

"Make sure you have the proper underpinnings that fit and are comfortable. The best thing I did was get a bra fitting. It makes you look so much better in your clothing."  - Lynette Pone, Senior Market Editor

"While I was pregnant I refused to buy maternity clothes. With morning sickness and being so tired, getting dressed was the last of my concerns—so I created a "uniform." I bought about 15 Mossimo tank tops from Target: both the ribbed and the regular versions in large and extra-large (I normally wear extra-small) and in all colors—black, grey, white and tan. The tanks are fitted, but have enough stretch to perfectly display the bump. It creates definition between your boobs and your belly which is SO IMPORTANT so you don't look like a blob. That tank, coupled with about 15 black leggings from target about two or three sizes up from what I normally wear was the basic uniform. Then I would add a blazer, a wrap or a grandpa sweater with a few accessories on top. I was very comfortable, out the door in seconds and MUCH happier than if I had spent all my money at Pea in the Pod on designer maternity clothes." - Nia Lawrence, Associate Art Director

"I stockpiled black and white seamless maternity tanks that were long enough to wear with leggings or just with jeans. Then I added fun necklaces and jewelry to jazz up the outfit. I still wear the tanks—they're great layering pieces." - Samantha Trenk, Senior Director of Public Relations

"Gap Maternity makes the best leggings." - Julia Kalachnikoff, Accessories Director

"My best friend had a baby two weeks ago and she literally bought only the essential maternity clothes to get her through her growth period. A pair of jeans (J Brand) and a couple tank tops and comfy long sleeve shirts—that's it. But what really kept her fashionable during the nine months were all the flowy Rebecca Taylor she owned before getting pregnant; they were roomy enough that she was able to grow and still maintain her non-pregnant style." - Stacey Casper, Director of Audience Development
"I wore a black lace vintage slip with everything—T-shirts, jackets, turtlenecks—it made me feel still-female, and all fashion people kept exclaiming: 'Miu Miu??!'. Also, empire-waist not-maternity dresses made me feel feminine and a little bit like a present—in a good way." - Jean Godfrey-June, Executive Beauty Director

"I never bought one maternity piece except for two pairs of jeans with elastic—a must." - Brandon Holley, Editor-in-Chief

"J Brand maternity jeans are a must. I suggest the low rise as opposed to the ones with a fabric panel covering your bump—as you get bigger you won't want that excess fabric around your middle." - Julia Kalachnikoff, Accessories Director

"Don't let anyone tell you you can't wear heels. I did 'til the two final weeks." - Laura Morgan, Entertainment Editor
"Sometimes I would feel a little casual always wearing flats, so I bought a pair of Dolce Vita ankle boots that had a little bit of a heel. With these I felt dressed up without sacrificing comfort of short boxy dresses because the heels gave my legs some shape." - Melissa McNamara, Senior Studio Manager of the Digital Studio
"Momo Maternity makes great winter coats at reasonable prices." - Julia Kalachnikoff, Accessories Director
"Don't buy blazers and jackets in a different size—your normal ones work throughout pregnancy. I like the look of a tailored jacket with no attempt to cover a bump." - Anne Keane, Fashion Director
"A structured jacket that I wore before I was pregnant was also great. Of course, I couldn't button it, but the structure worked well with my round shape." - Melissa McNamara, Senior Studio Manager of the Digital Studio
"The best item is the BELLY BAND! It makes all your regular pants into maternity pants, keeps all those shirts that ride up from exposing your belly and it keeps you warm in the winter. I used the striped one—so French!" - Lisa Steinmeyer, Design Director
"The key to feeling beautiful, for me, was totally enjoying the fact that for once I never even thought about looking fat! I was like, this is me! Which is how you should be all the time if you want to truly have great personal style, I think." - Jean Godfrey-June, Executive Beauty Director
"Still have fun with fashion while you are pregnant. Don't feel like you have to dress in oversized pieces and cover yourself up. If you have great legs, then show them off in a mini. If you love you shoulders, wear tanks." - Lynette Pone, Senior Market Editor

"I shopped from ASOS and Topshop Maternity a lot for disposable clothes—Hatch maternity for slightly more expensive items. Hatch tends to run on the larger size, so size down when buying. ASOS makes the best T-shirts: I liked the boyfriend shirts and Breton stripes shirts because they don't have side ruching which almost all maternity tees do; I think makes it shirts looks really cheap." - Julia Kalachnikoff, Accessories Director
"Topshop maternity skinny jeans! I literally lived it mine they were so comfy and they're reasonably priced. I also shopped the tall section of regular Topshop because the T-shirts and tops are cut longer and covered my belly." - Eleanor Strauss, Senior Fashion Editor

"I love the brand Hatch—I like the idea of the possibility to wear it after pregnancy, but during pregnancy love that it's all flowing style rather than tight and showing off the bump. I don't like everything tight." - Elizabeth Kearns, Business Manager

"If you are going to go maternity, then Hatch is the best. Is is trend focused and the shapes are modern and the best part, is that you actually, and can, wear it again." - Lynette Pone, Senior Market Editor

"I wore A.P.C. shift dresses through my whole pregnancy and black Nike high tops all through my last trimester. Always invest in a pair of cute sneakers: your feet will hurt and they also cover swollen ankles."  - Julia Kalachnikoff, Accessories Director
"T-shirt dresses work really well as tops when you are pregnant. American Apparel always has really inexpensive tight T-shirt dresses, and their pre-teen length works to your advantage when pregnant. Wear them with maternity jeans (you only need one pair) and slouch them up at your waistband. Or just take a pair of scissors and cut off the bottom to adjust the length. Once you wash them the hem rolls up a tiny bit anyway so you don't even need to sew it." - Anne Keane, Fashion Director
"I bought a bunch of tunic, cocoon shapes from Stella McCartney because I hated the idea of buying clothes that you would only wear for four months. I still wear the clothes, before they were tight around the waist, now they are drapey." - Brandon Holley, Editor-in-Chief
"You don't have to buy maternity-wear. Just buy clothing in stretchy fabrics  a size or two from what you normally wear. Look for jersey—it's your best friend! The fabric clings and stretches in all the right places." - Joane Amay, Senior Fashion Credits Editor
"Oddly, red lipstick was a good thing to feel dressed up when I was feeling like a bowling ball. Chunky necklaces also helped. I have a turquoise one from Dinosaur Designs that I loved wearing."  - Melissa McNamara, Senior Studio Manager of the Digital Studio