Our Editor-Approved Memorial Day Weekend Packing Guide

This year, spend less time packing for Memorial Day weekend, and more time preemptively self-tanning. These things below are the only things you really need all weekend—besides, like, underwear, and maybe a good margarita recipe. Plus, they're all easy to pack up, meaning you'll have that weekend bag zipped up and ready to go in six minutes flat (roughly). No reason why the packing process can't be as stress-free as the weekend itself, right?

Wrinkle-Resistant Dresses

Pick forgiving fabrics (already-drapey jersey, crumply chiffon, stiff chambray, NOT silk) and you won't have to hang those dresses by a steamy shower trying to get them to look presentable (never really works that well, does it?). Ideally, opt for day-to-night options too, like that black dress: it could easily be worn loose and low-key over a bathing suit, then belted and worn with heels for an outdoor party.

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