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Naomi Campbell's Mother, Valerie Morris
The supermodel among supermodels owes a lot to her mother's style. Read More.
Anne Keane's Mother, Jane Kwon
It's easy to see where our fashion director got her sense of style. Pitch-perfect, must be a family thing. Read more.
Nora Sullivan Swartwout's Grandmother, Mary Gilman
One of our favorite reader submissions of all time. And yes, okay, we bent the rules a little bit, but when your grandmother looks like this when she's snowboarding, some rules are bound to get broken. Read more.
Chynna Phillips' Mother, Michelle Phillips
As a member of the Mamas and the Papas, Michelle Phillips has some major style cred. See how it rubbed off on her charming daughter. Read More.
Alexis Bryan Morgan's Grandmother, Natasha Rawson
Our executive fashion director's grandmother was a Russian model who landed in the Gulf Coast to find a new style, somewhere between the Lone Star State and the mother country. Read more.
Sienna & Savannah Miller's Mother, Jo Miller
Sienna and Savannah Miller may be huge in the style game now, but who do you think they owe it all to? Their modish, party-star mother, that's who. Read More.