12 Fresh Takes on the Nautical Stripe

If you tell a dozen preppy girls to pack for a summer weekend trip, nine will pack white jeans and some form of striped shirt. It's science. It makes sense because those things are great, easy-outfit workhorses, but their mega-popularity's also somewhat annoying. Especially in the case of the nautical striped shirt. It's so everywhere-I-look that I'm (very sadly) starting to feel less "1960s Brigitte Bardot classic" in mine than just "2013 cliché."

So this summer I'm hunting for pieces like the ones below, which give the iconic French-navy-invented print an updated spin. Whether it's the cut or the fabric or just the item that they're printed on, they'll let me get my boat-ready stripe fix on (because of course I totally want to) while still standing out in the summer crowd.

We'd expect to see a stripe on espadrilles, but not on loafers. These feel fancier and would look so cute with a sundress.

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