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Trick #1: Add an eye-catching belt to make a dress you've worn a zillion times look like a new one. This navy dress would go from an understated staple to a "hey, is that your Mom's old Chanel?" when you clasp a pearl-y chain belt around the hips.
Trick #2: Choose a statement necklace that perfectly frames the collar of the dress. It'll seem like a new dress with an embellished collar. (And if you pick a punchy color like neon orange, your accessories will be what really stand out.)
Trick #3: Create an unusual color palette, so that pairing snags in people's minds—not the dress itself. Pale pink is usually paired with gold, but with gunmetal (and a smokey eye, of course) it reads a little more subversive, like a fresh new look.
Trick #4: Style your dress like it's a skirt. Convert a dress with a natural waistline into a cropped top and high-waisted skirt look. (Just make sure you choose tops that are thick enough so the dress underneath doesn't show through.)

Trick #5: Get a fancy evening jacket that'll give you a fresh waist-up look in pictures. (Plus, it's way cooler than a pashmina.)


Trick #6: Draw all the attention to your feet. You could've worn this dress 3,000 times and with these shoes no one would notice.
Trick #7: It's sort of cheating, but: buy a covertible dress. Much like reversible swimsuits, not all of them are as good in real life as they are in theory, but when do you find one like this, it's awesome.
Trick #8: Don't buy a dress at all. Instead, opt for a party skirt and then switch out your top.  Classic black and white camisoles always work, but you can go a little more stylized with a color-blocking look, too. (Cobalt and red? Orange and turquoise? The options aren't exactly endless, but there are dozens of them.) And it's so, so easy.