Four Perfect Brunch Outfits

Eating waffles and drinking mimosas is fun, and yet getting dressed to go do that is often very much not. You want to look good for your friends  (maybe they'll be Instagramming your get-together?) or maybe you just want to be one of those girls with a bounce in her step because it's not even lunchtime and her outfit is great. But you also don't want to look like a try-hard Sex and the City caricature either, and it's a tricky balance to strike. 

To simplify it, I've rounded up four outfits that are simple yet polished, neither too casual nor too over-the-top. And most of all, they're comfortable (what up, drawstring pants that actually look slightly dressy). Use them as defaults and you'll be dressed (happily) so much faster, which means less time trying to puzzle-piece the giant pile of clothes on the bed into outfits and more time with omelets and friends. Woop.

Kimono Jacket + Jeans

The kimono jacket's as outfit-making as a tweed jacket or bright blazer, but more brunch-casual (it's a thing). Your friends will love how it looks sorta exotic or vintage-y, and you'll love how it's drapey and so comfy. And yet the sleeves are short enough they won't drag in your eggs. Win-win.

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