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Kimono Jacket + Jeans
The kimono jacket's as outfit-making as a tweed jacket or bright blazer, but more brunch-casual (it's a thing). Your friends will love how it looks sorta exotic or vintage-y, and you'll love how it's drapey and so comfy. And yet the sleeves are short enough they won't drag in your eggs. Win-win.
Bright Day Dress + Contrasting Jewelry
Bright day dresses are just so easy, in the best way possible, and adding a piece of jewelry in a contrasting color will make the two colors really pop. (And make it look like you put more effort into getting dressed than you actually did.)
Drawstring Pants
Drawstring pants are what weekends were made for. Wear a pretty pair with a perfectly slouchy knit and polished accessories and it won't look pajama-y, it'll just look awesome and nonchalant-cool. (Plus you can eat the French toast without wanting to unbutton your jeans.)
Blazer + Dress Combos
If your brunch is a little more on the formal side, try topping a printed sundress with a blazer. It's neither too casual or too corporate, but a nice in-between weekend-polish sort of look.