31 Perfect May Outfits

May 1

Top the summer maxi dress you're dying to wear with a leather jacket that'll let you sit outside for drinks without shivering or asking to borrow someone's sweater. Click through to shop the look.
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Digital Fashion Writer

May can be a weird month to get dressed in. It's mostly warm-ish, but you still need a jacket sometimes; you're not totally out of the transitional dressing phase, and you can't really build up a mental flipbook of easy outfits for the weather cause the weather is, like, all over the place. (Straightforward, sauna-hot July, when you can wear the same sundress and sandals for nine out of thirty-one days...that's a breeze.) Oh, and there are a bunch of theme-y parties to go to, like Cinco de Mayo fiestas, Kentucky Derby parties and Mother's Day brunches. May's a challenge.

To help with that, we've rounded up 30 outfits—one for each day—culled from our favorite street style stars, celebrities and our very own Community members. Copy their outfits below, and you might even miss May when it's gone. Except it'll be summer. And summer is awesome.