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Dressed-up punks, deep in (imaginary) discussion.
Maison Martin Margiela shows us a prettier take on the punk trend—with pearls.
Well, "bandals" (boot-sandal hybrids) are in for Spring 2013. Guess the display of these vintage Gianni Versace shoes couldn't be better timed.
Perhaps the most covered-up cleavage-baring tee we've ever seen.
You might remember this spray-painted McQueen dress from that designer's dedicated Costume Institute exhibit back in 2011. It's baaaack.
Pop (punk) quiz: can you name both of the A-list stars who've worn this iconic safety-pinned Versace?
This dangerously spiky Burberry Prorsum moto jacket would be a fine choice for your morning subway commute. Just squeeze into any crowded car and watch your fellow passengers scatter!
If you're one of those people who enjoy watching YouTube videos of iPhones being dropped off of 10-story buildings and smashed with baseball bats (not that'd we'd know anything about that...), you'll love this intentionally-destroyed Chanel tweed suit.
Mary-Kate Olsen owns this bad boy in leather. We wonder if she'll dust it off for tonight's gala.
If you've committed to splurging on either a new bag or a designer dress this season, here's a handy way to get two for the price of one. Bonus: more pockets than one could ever ask for.