How To Dress Gatsby And Punk—Because, Well, Why Not?

For weeks, all I've heard fashion people talk about is punk fashion or The Great Gatsby. I get it, the Met will be hosting a retrospective of punk style and Baz Luhrmann may or may not ruin one of the greatest books of all time—both events are happening this week. What if all this chatter made us blur the lines of reality? Is punk Gatsby or is Gatsby punk? What if they collided in some fashionable explosion and we were doomed to walk the streets in confusion? It might look like something below.

The real concern though is what the hell are my colleagues going to talk about after this is all over? Sports?


Just your casual Gatsby look with a spiked choker and a safety pin midriff. Let's get flappin'.

Oh, Myrtle, not even a spiked dress will protect you from that car.

Jordan Baker? Is that you? The golf club committee didn't know what they were getting into.

And of course, it wouldn't be Jay Gatsby without a shredded jacket and even more safety pins.