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This isn't the first time we've expressed our adoration of Calivintage, but nothing drives the message home like repetition. We can't decide if we like her clothes, her hair or acessories more. Get familiar.
Vampy Varnish
Got a beauty dilemma? Need a product review? Vampy Varnish will probably have your answer. She's been compiling beauty info for years now and has amassed quite a wealth of info. Always worth a consult before makeup shopping.
Gal Meets Glam
If you're into sweet, lady-like and approachable style, Gal Meets Glam might just need to be your homepage. As the blog's founder puts it, "Glam isn’t about sipping champagne, wearing designer items or strolling through the streets of Paris. I believe every gal can add a little glam to her life with small things to make her day a bit more special." We can get down with that.
California style is all about that laid-back and carefree attitude. If anybody on the web has it, it's Annabel Ly of Blushing Ambition. Give us all your chunky knits and nobody gets hurt, Annabel.
Art in Our Blood
If there was a queen of long flowy skirts, it would be Jennifer, the style genius behind Art in Our Blood. Her adept skill at layering and unique approach to dressing make her a must-read style resource.
Just Add Glam
Like many of our favorite bloggers out there, Just Add Glam started with a mission to document style and inspire others. It doesn't take more than a few posts for you to think, "Oh! I could totally try that." Cheers to her endless inspo.
The Dauphine
A blog with great photography makes us happier than we can properly express in a slideshow caption. And that's what made us fall in love with The Dauphine (also, hello, great name.) Her dreamy and wonderland like photography could keep us occupied for hours.
Pancake Stacker
Anything that puts food and fashion on the same plate is cool with us. Very cool, actually. If you agree, add Pancake Stacker to your blogroll right this minute.
Kathleen of Inspirafashion has a perfect west coast style mixed with just the right amount of girly elements. We're especially jealous of her vintage Chanel pin. Better keep your eye on that, Kathleen.
Allergic to Vanilla
Allergic to Vanilla certainly lives up to the name. Her outfits are always ready with a quirky detail and we love how she lights up in front of the camera. It's proof that she's really having fun with her style. Nothing better.
Gypsi is kind of trippy. It's full of style, inspiration, food and adventures. The dreamy photographs are often cropped in circles or with rounded edges, making the design very unique. It's just waiting to be pinned.
9 to 5 Chic
Got a job? Don't want to dress like a robot? Good. Look to Anh and 9 to 5 Chic, she's on a mission to bring her personal style to the office every day. And with her currently expecting, there are great maternity tips to be found. Enjoy!
This Time Tomorrow
Krystal Bick is a heavy hitter in the blog world, but she deserves it. We're long time fans of This Time Tomorrow and her casual polished style. Also, would you just look at that puppy? Come on!
SF Girl by Bay
Hands down, SF Girl by Bay is one of our team's most favorite sites. Think of it as an endless source of design and interior inspiration. You'll be feeling real estate envy in no time at all.