Game of Thrones Style: Sansa Stark Knows How to Play It Cool

Things have been a mess for the Stark family as of late. Arya is just kind of hanging out in the woods, Rob is losing control of the North, Jon is whipped by his wildling lover, Lady Stark is imprisoned by her own son and Bran and Rickon are wandering with two strangers. It's a lot to take for a Stark loyalist. The hardest thing to watch, though? Sansa. Poor Sansa.

When we first met her, she was destined to be the Queen of The Seven Kingdoms, and now she's simply a pawn of the Lannisters. Last night, we saw them make their final power play for the North by wedding her to Tyrion Lannister. True, there are worse fates in Westeros, but Sansa just wants to go home. She's suffered endless abuse from King Joffrey, been humiliated by Queen Cersei and it appears she missed a chance to escape home. With all she's been through, it's a miracle she hasn't just gone off the deep end and massacred everybody, but she knows what she must to do stay alive. As she begrudgingly married Tyrion last night, she kept her cool. And of course, Tyrion was just as kind as we've come to know him—she even cracked a smile or two.

For her effortless handling of a shotgun wedding and cool hand with the Lannisters, we say she had best style of the night. But honorable mention goes to Sam for his skill in vanquishing a white walker. Yeah!