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1. Make the onesie your outfit's main focus.
The key to making head-to-toe pattern work—whether in the form of a jumpsuit, maxi or brocade suit—is to accessorize judiciously. Try not to wear a lot of other clothes (by all means, if it's cold, wear a coat...just make it an understated one!) and keep jewelry to one piece. Avoid big chunky necklaces, especially if you are petite: earrings or a few bracelets are a much safer bet.
2. Picks shoes with a sleek, bold shape.
While white does look especially nice with Solange's ensemble, it's not the color that makes her pumps a success—it's the style's simplicity. Anything with excessive hardware, too many straps or shiny embellishments is going to look sloppy. Also, if your one-piece is cropped or tapered toward the bottom, I'd go with a sandal style instead of closed-toe one. Without extra fabric to balance it out, traditional pumps will look too heavy under a slimmer-cut leg.
3. Treat your hair as another accessory.
Since Solange has such short curls, she can get away with big dangly earrings, but if you have longer waves or stick-straight strands that fall down to your waist, treat that as your statement accessory. If you really, really want to wear jewelry, however, balance it out with a ponytail or topknot.
4. Only play up your eyes.
Or lips—but you can only pick one! The reason why the DJ's turquoise lids read as cool, not cray-cray, is that the rest of her face is dewy and untouched.