How to Wear a Printed Jumpsuit Just Like Solange Knowles

An orange printed jumpsuit. Pointy-toed white pumps. Shoulder-skimming earrings and blue eyeliner. In the abstract, those things all sound rather intimating, no? Yet, styled together on Solange Knowles last night at Intermix's 20th anniversary celebration, the four elements totally worked—and not just because the singer is tall, lanky and has really great hair. (Although all of that certainly helped.) No, you too can easily pull off the look by following the tips in the slideshow below.

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Photo: WireImage

4. Only play up your eyes.

Or lips—but you can only pick one! The reason why the DJ's turquoise lids read as cool, not cray-cray, is that the rest of her face is dewy and untouched.