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“Watching the sunset from my favorite little spot in Brooklyn Heights. Love heading over to shop at Barney's CO-OP. It's definitely not the biggest one around the city, but it makes for a mellow, pleasant shopping experience! This view near the water is amazing—you can see the whole city!”
“The Plaza Hotel is obviously a New York City classic! Always fun to go shopping on 5th Avenue, stroll through Central Park! Took this photo after hitting up a Coach shoe event, and ended up leaving with a pair of their Terri sandals.”
“Love a good blended margarita…with Grand Marnier, of course! Not only delicious, but pretty, too. I love hitting up Barrio Chino in my Lower East Side neighborhood, mid-shopping, for a much-needed sip.”
“Walking around Union Square Park in a bright, spring-friendly ensemble. Just one of the many amazing parks here in the city. Slouchy and casual in my Paige Denim striped dress!”
“Up close and personal with one of my very summer-friendly blouses. Love a good floral print, and the brighter the better! This top is Jeunesse from ScoopNYC in the Meatpacking district.”

“Nothing compliments a Grand Margarita like some chips and salsa! One of my favorite things to snack on, I must admit. The salsa at Mesa Coyoacan in Williamsburg is to die for! It is a super cute place but still has that laid back Brooklyn vibe so I wore some distressed Joe's jeans and a vintage blazer.”  

“Nothing says summertime like an assortment of fun sunglasses. My collection is constantly growing, I never leave home without a pair or two! All of these are from Zero UV and about ten bucks a pop. Gotta love that.”