The Locked-and-Loaded Weekend Bag To Make Your Fridays Easier

The easiest throw-on-and-go dress.

Digital Fashion Writer

Ever received a last-minute invite on a weekend trip, or realized you should probably leave for your own trip like, five minutes ago because the traffic's just that bad? I've done both and the result's always the same: I'm frazzled, so I end up packing a completely non-sensical weekend bag with one bikini, two pairs of ridiculous stilettos, six just-in-case sweaters and no pants.

It's annoying and yet avoidable enough to make me a fan of keeping a standby weekend bag, sorta like stashing an extra dopp kit at your boyfriend's so you're never without the essentials. It might seem a little extreme—like, who perma-packs other than A-list actresses? Don't you miss those things during the week? And yeah, I get that. But if you buy non-expensive pieces that are more on the versatile side than the "oh my god outfit-making" side, you won't itch for them. But you will enjoy wearing them all weekend, and you will love that you had time to give yourself a manicure before hitting the road instead of frantically packing.