Six of the Most Annoying Dress Codes, Decoded!

"Denim & Diamonds"

If this were a legit excuse to go buy myself some diamonds, I would love it. But on my budget it morphs into something more like "denim & something shiny."  In that case I'm all about some jewelry that's a little unexpected, like these earrings, which add a punch of color in with that bling. (And a denim skirt, which is slightly less predictable than jeans.)

Digital Fashion Writer

I'm all for people getting creative with their party décor, but not so much with their dress code description. (Unless, you know, it's a theme party.) Island fancy, mountain chic, dress for the summer solstice (?!): these are all real dress decrees I've been given and all ones that immediately sent me into Gchat-polling madness to figure out what the hell the host was trying to tell me.

Like, I get that they're trying to set a mood—but dude, when you write something all quippy like that it's sort of confusing, and I don't know if you want me in a dress or jeans or what. Or anyway, I didn't until I went to all those parties. Here's what I discovered about six of the most common and confusing dress codes in the process—and the best way to tackle each of them.