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Party Prep
"I’ve always described my style as classic and feminine, which is reflected in both my style and at-home entertaining. I love adding bright colors and playful patterns like the beautiful citrus colors in my blazer."
Perfect Party Dress
"A LWD (little white dress) like this one with the crochet pattern with a pop of color is my perfect look for a summer dinner party."
Eat, Drink & Be Merry
"I chose to host a light and easy summer dinner consisting of pesto pasta served with refreshing summer wine, La Crema Pinot Gris. The fruit-forward taste of La Crema Pinot Gris is the perfect summer beverage."
Bright Night
"I planned a casual summer night in with some of my best girlfriends so that we could relax, eat good food and drink delicious wine. I want my guests to love the look of the table as well as the meal so I added whimsical and playful patterns to the table."
Comfy & Cute
"Serving a meal in heels can be tricky but these ultra-comfy Vince sandals are a must."
Freshen Up
I keep my warm summer nights fresh and sweet with a good wine like La Crema Pinot Gris and my favorite fruits.
Blazing Hot
"Whether I’m running around town for meetings, having the girls over for drinks or heading to date night with my husband, I want my outfit to be effortless, fresh and bright. I added this bright floral blazer keeps my dress from looking too casual."
Casual Feminine
"At the end of the night, the blazer comes off for a more casual, comfortable look."
Finishing Touches
"Finishing touches are essential for a dinner party as well as an outfit! These Samantha Wills earrings complement the blazer and add a personal touch."