Meet the Cool New Band Bringing Aussie Style to the States

Meet Phoebe Baker and Lou James, the lead singers of the six-member alternative Australian band Alpine. Originally from Melbourne, the frontwomen (who share vocal duties) and real-life best friends are now bringing their band's fresh electric pop sound stateside. With their bright makeup and even brighter fashion sense, these indie chicks definitely have their own style. With the U.S. release of their new album A is for Alpine, out now, we thought it would be the perfect time to get the scoop on their American faves, from IHOP to "yellow cheese," and the down low on their unique Down Under style.

Lucky: You describe your music as sophisticated pop. What themes inspired your debut album?

Lou James: Listening to an Alpine song is as if you were reading a journal entry. We explore themes such as love, innocence, lust, deceit, vulnerability, joy, escapism and elation.

What artists have influenced your music?

Lou James: Growing up, my main influences have been The Spice Girls, Roxy Music, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell. However, the six of us have been inspired by many different artists and different genres which we’re constantly sharing with each other in the tour van. I keep forgetting to ask who we’re listening to because I’m caught up with digging the song and staring out the window. I really need to start writing them down!

Your debut album went to No. 1 in Australia. What was that like?

Lou James: It was surreal! I remember walking down the street and finding out our album had reached No. 1. I was freaking out with excitement. I wanted to tell someone but there was no one around except an old lady and her dog, but they looked grumpy so I didn’t bother. We celebrated in the evening with a delicious dinner, champagne and some dodgy chocolate-flavored cigars, which made us all sick.

Are there any American stores you are looking forward to visiting while on tour?

Phoebe Baker: Thrift! Thrift! Thrift! And IHOP. Haha. Too many. Ones I've never heard of. That chocolate shop in Brooklyn. A cheesy souvenir store!

What's next for you, now that your debut album is out?

Phoebe Baker: Hopefully more American visits and more yellow cheese and definitely more writing music, and probably a desert sleepover. Who knows?! We definitely wish for all these and hope that people will like our music enough to take us traveling, but we shall just have to wait and see.

Click through the slideshow to get Alpine's style.

How would you describe your onstage style? Do you have any go-to pieces for your shows?  

Lou James: Phoebe and I are very influenced by glam because it’s fun and quirky. As two female leads, we knew we wanted to wear something unusual and bold and this is how our jumpsuits came about. We get Phoebe’s mum and sometimes our friends to help make them. We love the freedom in choosing our own fabrics and colors to suit our different personalities and to encourage our alter egos to break free when we're onstage.