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How would you describe your onstage style? Do you have any go-to pieces for your shows?  

Lou James: Phoebe and I are very influenced by glam because it’s fun and quirky. As two female leads, we knew we wanted to wear something unusual and bold and this is how our jumpsuits came about. We get Phoebe’s mum and sometimes our friends to help make them. We love the freedom in choosing our own fabrics and colors to suit our different personalities and to encourage our alter egos to break free when we're onstage.

When you are traveling on tour, what wardrobe staples and beauty products are your must-haves? 

Phoebe Baker: Jumpsuits of every variety, rosehip oil, socks, floss and a puffy jacket.

Are there any Australian designers our readers should know about?  

Phoebe Baker: Probably Romance Was Born. They have some wild stuff. I don't really know many brands. My mum makes my jumpsuits for the stage and I tend to buy from opp (thrift) shops. As for trends, the most misguided would be sideboob on both men and women. You can't help but graze nipples as you pass by these folk. Very awkward. And best trend would have to be the explosion of color and pattern and contrasts seen on everyone's rags. Melbourne is a famously black-clad town, so it feels delightfully rebellious to be colorful, especially in winter. 

What's the last style item you bought?

Phoebe Baker: A jacket that looks like it belongs to a duke. Old school royal! 

Lou James: The last style item I bought was these transparent, glittery jelly sandals and I’ve been performing in them quite a lot here in Australia. I've been on the hunt for them for ages because I used to wear them nonstop when I was younger. They are really comfortable.