No Time to Change? Here's How To Wear a Cover-Up Off the Beach

Whether you prefer a caftan or slipdress, there's a way to take it straight from lazing in the sand to a casual dinner out.

White Shirtdresses

Gauzy white shirtdresses are probably the easiest cover-up to transition from day to evening, save for one thing: you can't keep your bathing suit on. Unless you are wearing a one- or two-piece that perfectly matches your flesh tone (and um, who does that?), everything will show through the fabric, even if you've totally dried off first. (As you can imagine, the whole effect is doubly disastrous if your swimwear layer is wet.) No, it's much better to take five minutes in the restroom/car/nearby beach brush to slip into some nude seamless undergarments. From there, the rest is easy: swipe on some red lipstick, add some streamlined accessories and you're ready to go.