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Trying Things On Without Self Tanner
There are about two dressing rooms in all of dressing room-dom that have flattering lighting—and chances are you won't encounter either during your swimsuit shopping excursion. Glowing skin makes standing nearly naked under all that glaring florescent-ness about a million times more bearable.
Not Taking the Time To Strip Down
Ideally, your bathing suit search should be a leisurely in-person process, used to test every available cut and how it holds up in when you do jumping jacks/bend over/pretend to spike a volleyball. Sure, it might not be nearly as fun as say, fancy sandal shopping, but you'll be grateful when there isn't any fit issues on the beach. However, if you must order online, be sure to pick a place with free returns, in case something isn't quite the way it looked on screen.
Avoiding String Bikinis
It might sound counter-intuitive, but the skimpier the suit, the leaner it will make you look! And, besides being a style that universally looks good on everyone, tie sides and a halter allow for personalized fit adjustments.
Shopping Too Late In The Season
Not only does that mean that you'll be trying on a lot more bikini bottoms and boyshorts that other people have been trying on for several months (ew), but also your options will be limited to leftovers. If you want to find the very best style for your body, you'll need a wide selection to choose from.
Only Thinking In Terms Of Sets
Getting mix and matchable two-pieces means you'll have lots of more options when you get sick of the way one bikini looks. Just switch out half and—voila!—it's like you bought a new suit! Better still, buying separates makes for a better fit since most people don't wear the same size top and bottom.