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UGG Boots
After becoming ubiquitous in the mid-aughts, the sheepskin footwear remained incredibly popular amongst the Hollywood set for the following few years, and they're still around today. I own a pair myself—hey, they're ridiculously comfy!
Matchy-Matchy Tracksuits
Sometimes, I long for the days when slipping on sweatpants and zipping up a matching hoodie was enough to make you on-trend. Then I remember how sloppy we all looked wearing them.
Fur Vests
Hey, you've gotta keep from catching hypothermia in that 80-degree Los Angeles heat somehow.
Skull Prints
Perhaps in a bid to seem more daring and dangerous, Young Hollywood snatched up loads of clothes and accessories patterned with skulls in the late '00s. The real golden ticket during this period? Alexander McQueen's several-hundred-dollar skull scarves, constantly snapped on the necks of Lindsay, Nicole and Mischa in particular.
For some mysterious reason, the late aughts made every young paparazzi favorite want to dress like a Woodstock reject.
Liquid Leggings
First, there were leggings—those footless opaque tights that some (quite unwisely) chose to wear in lieu of pants. Then, there came the basic legging's ultra-shiny, latex-looking, weirdly alien-esque cousin. Also not suitable as a trouser replacement, it should be noted.
Gladiator Sandals
In 2008 and 2009, everyone apparently wanted to dress like Marcus Aurelius. The only downside of wearing these super-strappy, often-studded sandals? They gave you the craziest top-of-foot tan lines ever.
Bowler Hats
Unfortunately, I highly doubt that this trend was a nod to the cinematic achievements of Charlie Chaplin. Honestly, it just looked stupid.
Bandage Dresses
As every celebutante knows, the sexiest dress is one that's circulation-constrictingly snug.