Blue Ivy's Shoes Are Better Than Yours

Beyoncé is arguable one of the world's chicest moms, right up there with Gwyneth and Angelina—not to mention Kate Middleton, who's due in less than a month. And clearly, Queen Bey's daughter Blue Ivy has inherited those same super-stylish, luxury-loving genes.

The singer posted photographic proof on her must-read Tumblr earlier today. Turns out baby Blue owns a velvet-and-crystal (er, diamond?!) crown, a pastel tutu that'd make Carrie Bradshaw jealous and—wait for it—a custom-made, itty-bitty pair of Tom Ford stilettos. Yes, stilettos. For babies. Now that we think about it, the Duchess of Cambridge's forthcoming little one is definitely gonna have some competition for that Royal Tot title.

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Photo via Tumblr