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Seamless Underwear
You need some nude seamless underwear. There is nothing worse under ANY dress than panty lines. I love the BARE collection from Hanky Panky, since it leaves no lines whatsoever.
Strapless Bra
Get this sewn into your dress if at all possible, especially if you are the bride. A nude seamless, strapless bra is a great investment piece. Your wedding day is no time to let bra straps ruin your flawless look. And this one has molding, so you won’t get nipple show-through.
The Miracle Bra
This really is a miracle; it works under every dress, even those strapless/backless/halter/plunge-front/one-shoulder deals. Stylist tip: don’t let lotion, deodorant or powder get near the adhesive area if you want it to work!
Sewing Kit
Yes, you need a sewing kit for emergencies. I swear, I once had to sew a pleat in my best friend’s wedding dress moments before her ceremony when she got red lipstick smack in the center of her skirt while making a stop at the loo.
Fashion Emergency Kit
Feel free to make your own, or have a kit like this on hand to leave in the bridal suite. If you're going the DIY route, make sure you have Band-Aids, Q-Tips and safety pins in there.