Style Secrets From a Secret Agent: TV's Latest Badass Bombshell Tells All

After seven seasons of playing Denise Sherwood, the sweater-set-wearing RN and wife of Lieutenant Colonel Frank Sherwood on Army Wives, actress Catherine Bell is ditching the military base for a suit and badge on TNT's new crime drama Kings & Maxwell. Bell plays Joan Dillinger, a former-Secret-Service-agent-turned-kidnapping-expert whose romantic past with Sean King (Jon Tenney) makes for some intense chemistry. "You don’t know if she’s a bad girl or a good girl or what’s going on with her," says Bell of her new role. "She and Jon have a lot of sexual tension. They basically love and hate each other—that kind of relationship." When it comes to Dillinger's style, you won't catch her in a twinset! "She’s Hugo Boss all the way—business but sexy," says Bell. "Just great fitted pantsuits and kitten heels, because she has to be able to run and jump out of the way of the gun."

Bell's personal style is less bulletproof and more California casual, but she wouldn't call it boring. As a mom on the go, she tries to turn a five-minute outfit into an effortlessly chic ensemble. "I try and find that balance between classy and elegant, but also showing a little bit of funky," says Bell. "When you're in a hurry and the kids are running out the door, a lot of times you'll throw on the white t-shirt and the boring jeans, so I try to grab the red t-shirt and throw on a fun necklace just to keep it playful."

To see Bell's ex-secret-agent style, watch Kings & Maxwell on Mondays at 10/9c on TNT.

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"When I have to do glam and wear a beautiful dress, I love David Meister—he’s just been amazing. He used to work at a dance clothing company, so he just knows women’s bodies. His dresses are really flattering for curvy women."

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