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"When I have to do glam and wear a beautiful dress, I love David Meister—he’s just been amazing. He used to work at a dance clothing company, so he just knows women’s bodies. His dresses are really flattering for curvy women."
"I try and find that balance between classy and elegant. Recently, I wore this David Meister dress and I funked it up a little bit with a chunky black necklace. So I play with that a little bit."
"For a more casual look, it’s Isabel Marant. I try to balance out hip and fun. I’m not 20 years old, so not trying to be too young or too sexy or too wild."
"Mario Badescu has this blemish product I love. It’s a makeup artist staple. So you dip your Q-tip in through the alcohol, grab some of the pink and you dab it on, and if no one is around you leave the pink, chalky stuff on. I swear, in the morning the blemish is gone."