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Ryan Gosling
"Hey girl, guess what? I don't actually have 20/20 vision! (But I'm pretty damn perfect otherwise.)"
Zoe Saldana
We wish this always-sublimely-dressed star would take her specs out for a spin on the red carpet more often.
Zachary Quinto
And speaking of Star Trek castmembers, Zach "Mr. Spock" Quinto's frames are a key component of his perpetually dapper look.
Tina Fey
Whip-smart, pretty and just a bit nerdy, Tina's one of television's biggest power players for good reason.
Rashida Jones
Our ultimate girl crush is a pro at pairing bold prints with her librarian-style specs. Anne Perkins!!!
Matt Bomer
There are very few things on the face of this planet that could make White Collar's leading man more ridiculously good-looking. Glasses just so happen to be one of them.
Liv Tyler
Why does Liv wear glasses? Because she don't wanna miss a thing! (Ba-dun-dun-chhh...)
Lisa Loeb
We can't discuss bespectacled stars without nodding to the musical genius who first made us all want to invest in a pair. "Stay" stylish, Lisa.
Jennifer Garner
Mrs. Ben Affleck's often spotted around town in her eyeglasses, which only help draw more attention to those incredible cheekbones.
Katie Holmes
This style star's been sporting frames since her Dawson's Creek days.
Johnny Depp
Captain Jack Sparrow prefers his lenses slightly blue-tinted.
Jennifer Aniston
Yep, America's favorite funny girl wears glasses!
Jenna Lyons
As creative (not to mention covetable) as her mixed-print ensembles might be, Jenna's rarely seen without her signature thick-framed eyewear.
Iris Apfel
The New York social scene's most glamorous nonagenarian is well known for her trademark owl-eyed specs—so much so, in fact, that she recently designed an eyewear collection of her own!
Diane Keaton
There's nobody better than Annie Hall to show us how chic pinstripes and prescription glasses can look.
Chloë Sevigny
The It girl's famous geeky-chic look helped earn her a longtime design partnership with Opening Ceremony; unsurprising, then, that she occasionally rocks some specs of her own.
Anne Hathaway
In The Princess Diaries, Anne's character Mia loses her thick-rimmed frames to an overzealous, anti-eyewear stylist (yeah, we've maybe watching the movie a few too many times). But in real life, we think she looks damn good in glasses.
Alicia Keys
Think the songstress' glasses help her perfect her piano-playing?
Elle Fanning
I mean, no wonder the Rodarte sisters are obsessed with her. (We are too!)
Demi Moore
With her dark, center-parted hair and smart-girl glasses, Demi's totally giving us Ali MacGraw vibes.
Christina Hendricks
Why our June/July cover girl's never worn her frames on Mad Men is anyone's guess; seriously, aren't they so Joan?
Cate Blanchett
We adore the contrast between Cate's ultra-pale coloring and her menswear-inspired ensemble—specs included, of course.
Brad Goreski
The star stylist's oversized glasses might just be his personal signature—along with that bowtie, of course.
Ashley Benson
We're not "lying" when we say that the PLL/Spring Breakers star's specs are insanely cute.
Abigail Spencer
The insanely photogenic actress' bold eyewear has helped make her one to watch.