Revenge Star Christa B. Allen's New Flick Is Like The Breakfast Club, But With Zombies

Imagine The Breakfast Club; now add zombies. That description will give you an approximation of what to expect from Revenge star Christa B. Allen's new movie Detention of the Dead. The darkly funny horror flick (on VOD on June 18 and in select theaters June 28) tells the tale of a high school overrun by zombies. Cheerleader Janet (Allen) and her fellow detentioners have to fight hungry jocks and bloody nerds to make it out alive.

For the role, the normally-brunette actress had to don a blonde wig. "My hair is too fine to bleach. I get so much breakage it's not worth it to dye it," she says. "The wig was so itchy that scratching for a month straight made my hair fall out in one spot!"

As for her costume, the uniform is the real deal. "The costume designer, working on a budget, found a whole set of used high school uniforms. She then had to modify them to make them movie-worthy. For my character Janet, that meant shortening the skirt and lowering the neckline! Janet's not afraid to show some skin."


In real life, Allen's style is more sophisticated-girly than cheerleader-girly. Whether she's rocking Suno, David Koma or Bottega Veneta, she's always had excellent taste in red carpet attire. Unlike her Revenge character Charlotte Clarke, Allen isn't uptight about her wardrobe, and frequently chooses trendy bustiers and midriff-baring ensembles. Day to day, she keeps it casual but loves having fun with bright colors and cool patterns. Even zombies would die (um, again) for her style.

Scroll through the slideshow below to see what's on Allen's shopping list this summer.