EXCLUSIVE: Watch the Girls of CSS Pull a Clueless on Their Bearded Bandmate

We're huge fans of Brazilian dance-rock band CSS, whose lead singer Luísa Hanae Matsushita (aka Lovefoxxx) is one of music's finest poster children for fashion fearlessness. The group's new album Planta drops on June 11—and seeing as how we already have the first single, "Hangover," playing on repeat, we're pretty sure it's gonna be our summer soundtrack.

But with big plans on the horizon—press to accompany the album's release, as well as an upcoming tour—the female members of the band recently decided that their heavily-bearded, perpetually beanie-clad drummer J.R. could use a bit of a makeover. So with Luiza doling out advice as the team astrologist, Ana stepping into the role of a life coach, Carolina acting as de facto decorator and Lovefoxx taking on beauty duty, the ladies dove into the project Cher Horowitz-style, setting out to better their bandmate's life and wardrobe. (There's no Buns of Steel involved, but there is a must-see crash course in Mediterranean cooking.)

Check out the first episode below—and head over to iTunes to pre-order Planta now!

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