EXCLUSIVE: CSS Mixes Cocktails, Gives 'Dog Whispering' a Try

Last week, São Paulo group CSS worked their makeover magic on scruffy drummer J.R.—with undeniably successful results. For their second attempt at life improvement, Lovefoxxx, Ana, Luiza and Carolina are turning their attention to Samantha, a Venice Beach surfer about to celebrate her 10-year anniversary with her girlfriend Heather. Sure, Samantha's already stunning—but as Ana puts it, "When things are good and you want to make them awesome, you call us!"

Will Samantha be able to mix up a batch of caipirinhas, ditch her go-to dresses for something with a little more edge and get "CSS-orized" in time for her big date? You'll have to watch the clip below to find out. And by the way, Samantha's not the only subject of this particular makeover—her dog Chelsea has a nasty habit of humping every stuffed animal in sight, prompting the band's resident "dog whisperer" Carolina to step in for an intervention. Check it out—and download your copy of CSS' new album Planta today!

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