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Ah, the countryside of central Italy! It makes me think of golden sunsets, scenic vineyards and homemade tomato sauce! (So maaaybe I've seen too many cliché TV movies...) This outfit reminds me of those things (okay, minus the sauce part—but hey, if pasta's on the dinner menu, the print will camouflage spills) and glamorous Dolce & Gabbana campaign-y Italian women in general. So, if you get to squeeze in some sightseeing on the side, mix the pieces with whatever else you packed—people will think you're a local!
French ladies are famous for their understated sense of style, so don't go overboard on wild patterns or statement makeup. It's better to stick with a simple, solid sheath dress (black is always good, but navy is much more Parisian, non?) and have your fun with accessories.
You may never get another opportunity to wear a crazy hat at a wedding and completely fit in (over-the-top headwear is the norm at formal British events), so go for it! The bigger, the better! To keep your whole ensemble from looking too conspicuous, however, do like the Middleton sisters and balance things out with a simple lace dress and nude pumps.