There's Still Time! 29 Last-Minute Father's Day Gift Ideas From Lucky's Editors

Oh, dads! They're easy to love, cherish and (let's be real here) argue with, but impossible to shop for. If you're still stumped on what to buy yours for this coming Sunday's festivities, here are the 29 best ideas our office has to offer. He's bound to love at least one—but you might want to buy several, just to be safe.

"Dads are often pelted with useless tchotchkes on Father's Day and leather doo-dad trays are among them, but this leather anchor tray from Billykirk is actually cool and doesn't have that weird, generic you-obviously-picked-that-out-of-a-random-catalog-found-at-grandma's feel that some trays do. And if you're down with that whole Oedipal thing, you can get two of them and give one to your boyfriend." - Deb Schwartz, Executive Editor