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"Dads are often pelted with useless tchotchkes on Father's Day and leather doo-dad trays are among them, but this leather anchor tray from Billykirk is actually cool and doesn't have that weird, generic you-obviously-picked-that-out-of-a-random-catalog-found-at-grandma's feel that some trays do. And if you're down with that whole Oedipal thing, you can get two of them and give one to your boyfriend." - Deb Schwartz, Executive Editor
"It takes six weeks for Ebbets Field Flannels to craft a recreation of a 1950s-era vintage flannel baseball jersey, but you can get one of their throwback baseball tees right away. How awesome is this Negro National League one? The Cuban Scorpions? Pretty awesome." - Deb Schwartz, Executive Editor
"I love this vintage-inspired safety razor! It's practical, gets a close shave every time and isn't one of those cheesy gifts that won't get used." - Adrianna Barrionuevo, Associate Credits Editor
"Last Father's Day, my dad asked for 'a red wheelbarrow or balsamic vinegar.' This year, I skipped the requests (and wheelbarrow shopping) and went with a pair of Nike Frees. Practical and on trend—just in case he gets stopped by any street style photographers." - Lauren Edelstein, Fashion Stylist
"I may love getting clothes and accessories as gifts, but my dad—whose cooking skills are as wonderful as mine are dismal—would always rather stock his kitchen than his closet. He and my mom have visited South Korea twice in the past year (!) and are constantly raving about the food, so I'm considering picking up a copy of The Kimchi Chronicles for him. It's by Michelin-starred chef Jean-Georges' wife Marja Vongerichten, so I'm pretty sure it's trustworthy. Here's hoping he whips up some bibimbap the next time I fly home to visit!" - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor
"My boyfriend's dad is music-obsessed—he even DJs! How awesome is that? Okay, so not in a club or anything like that, more for fun in the comfort of his office. This year, we're splurging and getting him this cool Keith McMillen Instruments QuNeo Pad Controller so he can channel his inner David Guetta. When I visit him this July 4th, I'm expecting him to mix some sick tracks (I don't even know if I'm cool enough to say that)." - Bobby Schuessler, Contributing Editor

"This year, I'm getting my dad and my husband the gift of style: bow ties from ZB Savoy Bow Tie Company. More personal than, say, a Home Depot gift card, but way easier to shop for than a new pair of dad khakis. Am I right? For my dad, the 'Straight Up' strikes a Norman Rockwell chord, while the 'James Dean,' for my hubs, feels very Brooklyn hipster. Bonus: one size fits all!

I also got my husband a baby backpack from our one-year-old. Way more manly than a Baby Bjorn and super functional for every summertime excursion." - Lori Bergamotto, Style Contributor

"When it came to gifts I don't know that my father ever bought me anything besides books. If your father hasn't read Cormac McCarthy's All the Pretty Horses, get him that or, if he's into dark, gripping, post-apocalyptic survival tales, get him the un-put-downable The Road. It will make him weep. If your dad's not a reader, but is a sailor or handyman of any sort, get him this new book on knot-tying called Why Knot?: How to Tie More than Sixty Ingenious, Useful, Beautiful, Life-Saving, Magical, Intriguing, and Secure Knots! It's written by Philippe Petit. Why have you heard of M. Petit, and who is he that he thinks he knows so much about knot-tying? Well, he's the star of Man on Wire, the guy who rigged up a wire between the World Trade Center's Twin Towers in 1974 and just hung out up there in the sky for an hour, toodling around. He knows knots.

Speaking of un-put-downable books, Lucky cover story writer Sarah Miller recently told me about this amazing book any dad would love called The Queen's Gambit by Walter Tevis, author of The Hustler, The Color of Money and The Man Who Fell to Earth. It's the story of an orphan-turned-chess-prodigy and following her through the higher and higher stakes world of competitive chess playing will keep him up at night, even if he doesn't play chess—I know nothing about chess and yet the play-by-play of each game left my heart pounding." - Deb Schwartz, Executive Editor

"My dad instilled in me a love of pocket knives and if he were around today, I know he'd love my latest purchase as much as I do: the Otter-Messer Mercator K55K "Kat" Knife which is a beautifully simple, solid, well-crafted, storied bit of knifedom. It feels great in the hand, locks solidly, and if you buy it from Hand-Eye Supply they throw in this little lanyard so you can attach it to your belt loop or the outside of your bag and easily dig it out when you need to slice an apple, open a package, or simply show off your awesome new knife.

While you're at Hand-Eye, you should definitely pick up this awesome bandanna. If your dad's into do-rags, works outside, hikes, camps—basically does anything that involves getting dirty, he will appreciate this bandanna, which is a) much cooler than your average bandanna and b) made of better cotton, so that it will actually soften with time—a feature that is shockingly rare in bandannas these days." - Deb Schwartz, Executive Editor

"Being a new mom, my gift is pretty simple—I bought this and plan to have my son dressed in it on Father's Day. And I took pics of him in it already and had them framed for him as well. Simple and inexpensive for a first Father's Day." - Julia Kalachnikoff, Accessories Director
"My dad is impossibly hard to buy for! He will say that he wants something and I'll buy it for him—and years later it's still in the plastic wrap! I've come to realize that a man can never have too many nice shirts. It's my go-to gift now when I'm in a bind. And my dad would never splurge and buy himself an insanely-expensive-but-totally-worth-it and comfy tee shirt. So I do it for him!" - Hillary McDaniels, Digital Production Assistant
"Fran's Gray Salt Caramels! They're made with dark chocolate, which makes him feel healthy, the gray sea salt on top makes him feel manly, and the fact that they're from Portland makes him feel hip—it's the perfect gift!" - Jayna Maleri, Senior Fashion Writer
"My dad is a doctor that plays golf and has eaten lunch at the same place for 30's not easy. Maybe a box of organic Asian pears: he buy them all the time but I don't think organic. And a day of juicing! I'm not sure what they have in LA now [where my father lives], but he would get a kick out of weird juices and he would never buy or make them himself." - Anne Keane, Fashion Director
"The newish David Sedaris book, I think, is a great gift for any dad with a great sense of humor!" - Julia Kalachnikoff, Accessories Director
"My dad can easily kill an hour every morning reading newspapers and magazines with his morning coffee, so last year I gave him some subscriptions. At first I was a little hesitant since it wasn't really a tangible present, but now I know it was the right decision. It shows I actually thought about his daily routine and it means he thinks of me every time one comes in the mail. Which is a lot more than I can say for the shoe-polishing machine I gave him years ago that's been sitting in his closet since then." - Natalie Matthews, Digital Fashion Writer
"Most dads are sentimental; I know mine is. So, if I'm in a a jam, I'll just print out a nice picture of myself or us together and frame it. That way he can keep it on his desk or mantel and enjoy the gift year-round." - Anna Deutsch, Special Sections Editor
"I ordered a nice set of framed collage pictures from pinhole press. Also a Ship Happens sign from Paper Source." - Elizabeth Kearns, Business Manager
"Guys! Hmpf! Just ask them what they want and go get it. In my case that would be Yankees tickets, or shirts from J. Crew.  Or a vintage Rolex, if I happen to win the lotto between now and then." - Laura Morgan, Special Projects Director
"A navy v-neck sweater and windbreaker: I get these all the time for him. But he always likes it. And maybe insane fashion sneakers—he likes walking more and more. (But those as more like a joke gift because my mom would laugh and make him put them on.)" - Anne Keane, Fashion Director
"My dad is a huge golfer, and lucky for me my mom told me he recently put a new golf bag on hold in the club pro shop. Best news is that it's only $150, which was much cheaper than I thought it would be. I feel like I always get him silly gifts he doesn't really want or need, so this year he'll get something really great." - Stacey Casper, Director of Audience Development
"Always stick to these never-fail categories: booze and sports. The gifts my dad loves are signed sports memorabilia and hard-to-find, locally-made whiskey." - Stephanie Kornblum, Public Relations Coordinator