From New York to L.A.: The Most Popular Engagement Rings Across the Country

Los Angeles

As this is a city mainly populated by famous actors, musicians and reality stars, it's not too surprising that L.A. residents aren't afraid of an over-the-top stone or setting. Although Blue Nile has found that its South Cali customers prefer cushion-cut diamonds, the only real consistency the folks at James Allen have witnessed in the City of Angels is a desire for fancier, more ornate rings, and a willingness to try new trends, such as colored diamonds and double halos.

Digital Writer

"I'm spoken for," might be the first thing that a engagement ring says about a person—but the second could be her hometown. According to some number-crunching from our friends at Blue Nile and James Allen jewelers, diamond and band style preferences vary by city. To see what kind of engagment rings are trending near you, click through the slideshow below.

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