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Her current favorite handbag costs less than $50.
"It's this hologram clutch from an e-commerce site called That's Foxy. It cost about $30, is shaped like a football and is the best thing ever."
She's a pro at doing her own nails.
"I once gave myself a manicure in less than four minutes en route to Fashion Week—in a cab. I still remember, the color was Sally Hansen Commander in Chic. I try to change my manicure twice a week—but now, that's obviously going to be harder."
She stockpiles stationery.
"Even though I am obsessed with digital, my favorite thing to do is write thank-you notes. I love paper and pens. I once went to a store in Tokyo that was literally a pen store, and it was the best moment of my life. I'll also go into Kate's Paperie and just buy random cards here and there. Like, 'Happy Flag Day?' I don't even know anyone who celebrates Flag Day—but someday I might!"
She collects Warby Parker glasses.
"I have seven pairs! My favorite's the Mallory in blue."
She's crazy about pizza.

"Rubirosa's pizza alla vodka is my favorite—and at ABC Kitchen, I'm all about the egg pizza."

Rubirosa, 235 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012, (212) 965-0500

Her Starbucks order is so complicated, she won't make anyone else get it for her.
"It's a venti soy chai tea latté with a half-pump of syrup, extra-hot, extra-foam, no water, with one shot of espresso. The Starbucks people literally walk away from me when they see me come in."
Her ultimate style icon? NOT a celebrity.
"My grandmother has the most amazing sense of style. I've been known to borrow things from her. She has a leopard-print angora beret that I loved so much, she gave it to me! In return, I gave her a hat with ears on it."
J.Crew's Jenna Lyons once gave her the best tip for success ever.
"She told me that the most efficient thing to eat for lunch was soup, because you can eat it with one hand in a cup while working. I still think about that every time I have soup."
Her favorite place to stock up on jewelry? Brooklyn favorite Catbird.
"Catbird, to me, is very Lucky. It's one of those places you need a friend to tell you about—and then you go and you tell another friend. And Lucky's the kind of magazine where you discover something, you get obsessed and you want to tell everyone about it."
She's a sucker for reality TV.
"I'm not going to lie: I love The Bachelorette. And I'm not watching it to root for love—I'm watching it because it's reality at its best. I actually like The Bachelorette better than The Bachelor because I love seeing men reduced to tears! But I also love Game of Thrones—and I've read all the books. I love an epic book series."