Game of Thrones Style: Daenerys' Khaleesi Style Reigns Supreme

Game of Thrones has been pretty tame this season, with the exception of "The Red Wedding" and, of course, Daenerys' unforgettable slaying of the slavemasters in Astapor. Watching the show come to a close at the end of each season is never easy, but it has to be done. And with its finale, we'll take one last moment to savor the style of Westeros.

Despite a few underdogs this season, the best style award clearly goes to Daenerys. For starters, the blue dress—we love the blue dress. We saw an awful lot of that dress over the course of the season, but the different accessories kept it interesting. And if it wasn't the blue dress that stole our hearts, it was the white gown. It's sort of like the perfect outfit for wandering the wastes of Essos without looking like you're trying too hard. And finally, we kind of just have to give it to her for being a complete and total slave-liberating, braided, Valyrian-speaking, mother-of-dragons freedom fighter.

Next season, we want more Khaleesi. All Khaleesi all the time.

c/o HBO