Game of Thrones Style: A Farewell to the Starks & Northern Style

If you're still trying to recover from last night's episode of Game of Thrones, you're not alone. This morning, we were still shaken by the untimely end of Lady Stark, King Robb and Queen Talisa. Some of us knew it was coming, but that didn't soften the blow at all. Everyone seemed so happy, so relieved for just a minute—but, no. Not in Westeros and not when you're messing with the Freys. The pain is still too fresh for us to go on, but we feel it necessary to proclaim that Lady Catelyn won the day—even if she, you know, died.

As Queen Telisa lay on the floor dying and King Robb hobbled to her side, Lady Stark crawled to take Lord Frey's wife hostage. With a knife to the girl's throat, she demanded the bloodshed and offered herself in exchange for the freedom and life of her eldest son. It was a moment of sheer courage that we've come to expect from her. However noble and true her pleas were, it did her little good. Queen Talisa died moments after and Robb was stabbed in front of her.  But before she was taken, she slit her hostage's throat and went out like a boss. Pour one out for Lady Stark.

The "thank god she's beautiful" bride.