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Boxy tops are lifesavers on days when you start sweating the second you get outside. The armholes are wide and low enough that armpit sweat won't show, and the fit's loose enough to let a little breeze in. Contrast it with a flowy skirt, and maybe add some bangles or a crossbody bag, and you've got a great, easy outfit.
The pattern play on this mixed-print romper makes it feel more cohesive than basic shorts and a tank top. So while you're barely wearing any fabric at all, it still looks like an outfit. (Especially if you anchor it with some chunky sandals to give it a bit of a Marni-eqsue cool factor.)
Here's the thing: your torso temperature is way more important than your legs when it comes to cooling you down, so open-back or cutout dresses are a smart way to go. We love them in maxi dress variations, 'cause the longer hem can tone down the flirtiness of the cutout.
Oh, you want to wear sleeves and still not worry about overheating? Yeah, it's possible. Just pick a dress with a wispy tulle layer like this: it'll cover your arms and armpit sweat won't darken the fabric and tell everyone you're sweating. Woohoo.
To wear a barely-there slipdress but not look like you're in lingerie, add a structured, ladylike bag, especially one in a bright color. It'll pull it all together so you can wear next-to-nothing and still look polished and stylized.
If floaty sundresses and light colors aren't your thing, don't worry. You can still wear tight black stuff in the heat, provided you do it strategically. I'd suggest reaching for a mesh top, which is about as amazing as a Harry Potter invisibility cloak. No one can see you sweat through it. It's genius.
Make sure that your rompers and dresses are looser-cut, 'cause when it comes to cooling you down, that's about as important as the amount of fabric you're wearing. Anything fitted and cinched at the waist will not only warm you up, but it'll show sweat in a second, too. Things that have a dropwaist-ed, laidback vibe like this are your friend.