How To Look Taller In Flats


Like short skirts and dresses, most comfortable footwear works well with shorts, too. There are a few things to be careful of, though; for instance, ballet slippers aren't going to work, as the style's too tight and flimsy. Wear a pair and you run the risk of looking a little bit stumpy (especially if the shorts are extra-long or extra-short—those extremes need a sturdier shoe); it's better to go for something with a slightly thicker sole and more structure, like a sneaker or espadrille.

Digital Writer

Despite the many superiorities that flats have over heels (mainly comfort, yes, but also all these things here), stilettos, pumps and wedges do have one mathematically airtight advantage: wearing a pair literally makes you taller. Still, even if slipping into some loafers, sneakers or ballet slippers won't bring you any closer to Karlie Kloss' inseam, there are sneaky ways of faking the same effect. Follow my advice below on exactly what kind of flats with wear with what kinds of bottoms and you'll always look a little longer and leaner than you actually are.