Ditch Boring Cardigans and Pashminas For These Party-Ready Jackets

For When You're Wearing: A cocktail dress in a bright summery color.

Digital Fashion Writer

Here's a buzzkill: wearing a brand new, hold-the-phone cocktail dress out, only to wrap it in a matronly pashmina or some dude's blazer within 20 minutes of getting wherever you were going. It happens to me all summer long, because I keep assuming that if it's 81 degrees during the day I'll be totally fine without some sort of layer at night—and I'm always wrong. I get to the wedding/overly-air-conditioned restaurant/breezy rooftop shindig and I'm FREEZING. Or at least covered in goosebumps.

That's when I reach for the frumpy black cardigan I've had as a default layer forever, or my mom's pashmina or my boyfriend's jacket, and it's like resigning myself to an outfit I no longer like. It sucks. But it's also my fault, because I keep forgetting to just plan for some other option. A polished, pretty layer, because I do have summer jackets—denim, thin leather, army ones—but they just don't work at parties when I need to be fancy. These ones below do, though. Click through to see them all and, along with the type of cocktail dress to pair them with. Each one is cool enough that you won't even want to take it off when people start Instagraming party pictures, and isn't that the true quality test?