Happy Birthday, Mary-Kate Olsen! Shop Her Signature Looks

You know when you're little and you and your friends assign yourselves those celebrity roles, like "okay, you're Sporty Spice, I'm Ginger?" Well, I was always the Mary-Kate part of the Olsen twins, and I think I'd still want to be now that I'm (mostly) grown-up. She and Ashley dress somewhat similarly, of course, but Mary-Kate's got her own penchant for statement accessories and '70s flower child dresses that I really dig. So in honor of her 27 birthday—today—I've shopped out Mary-Kate's style signatures with stuff you can get easily and relatively affordably. (Cause you know Mary-Kate's versions are either obscure vintage finds or super-expensive designer ones. Womp womp.)

Bright Maxi Dresses

Mary-Kate's not really a gown girl. Instead she goes for floor-length dresses that seem like something a cool rock star's girlfriend would've worn in the '70s, thanks to long sleeves, tiers of gauzy fabric and punchy colors. (And the way she styles them, with bedhead and messy eyeliner.) Click through to shop the look.

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