How to De-Frump a Midi Skirt

People call those between-the-knee-and-anke-length skirts both "midi" and "tea-length" pretty interchangeably, but honestly, I'm not really a fan of either term. Midi can sound too sing-song-y, too "bestie midi obvi!!" Valley Girl-ish, but on the other hand, tea-length can sound too proper and old. I mean, I get that people wore the length back in the '40s and '50s because it was demure enough for white-glove-socializing, it's not like it has to be anymore.

With the right top or accessory, that skirt length (tea-length, midi, whatever) can be gorgeous in a cool way. Not just in a Kate Middleton on a public appearance or going to a Mad Men theme party way.  Plus, unlike a mini skirt or most pencils, it eliminates both accidental crotch-flashing and walking like a no-kneed Barbie because it's too tight. It's just easy, which is enough of a reason to get involved. (Especially when you can style it so many different ways, like these ones below, which are about the furthest things from from frumpy and staid or cloyingly feminine.)

Use a leather tank or mesh t-shirt to balance out the cheery girliness of a bright floral print.

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