How to Fit Everything You'll Need for a Summer Getaway Into a Single Carry-On

The year was 2001, and after traveling for nearly 22 hours packed like cattle in the back of economy class, I finally landed in Australia ready to begin my exotic vacation. Unfortunately, I arrived alone; my 50-pound duffle I'd checked earlier remained lost at my hometown airport for over a week. Dressed in my filthy airplane sweats, I swore to myself and the luggage gods I would never check another bag. Twelve years later with over 20 extended trips under my belt, I'm still a strictly carry-on-only girl. It is possible to still look stylish and have a variety of options all packed into one easy bag for a two- to three-week trip.  It's hard to quit the check-in—but once you do, you'll never look back.

Click through for the essential items you need for a glamorous getaway, all of which can fit easily into a carry-on bag.

Travel Essentials

The Aesop Geneva pack has all the basic beauty products you could possibly need. All the bottles are under three ounces each, so they can easily pass through security. Bucky's sleep mask is ultra-padded and blocks out all light, giving you a great night's sleep whether you're searching for zzz's on a plane or in an uncomfortable hotel bed. When traveling abroad, you'll have to pull your passport out for inspection multiple times—so it might as well be in a fabulous and sturdy case. And this Samsonite neck pillow takes up very little room, yet can be blown up to provide you with extra rest on an overnight flight.