How Old Is Too Old to Wear a Peter Pan Collar?

Every day, we get tons of questions from our readers about what to buy and how to wear it. Our Facebook page, Twitter feed and email inboxes are perpetually packed with your queries—and as editors, it's our job to help you navigate these tricky real-life dressing scenarios with ease (and style, of course). Read on for today's inquiry!

Q: Does a Peter Pan collar make you look too young? I'm 26 and am about to have a baby and start a new job in a conservative office. The blouse I'm considering has a black Peter Pan collar and black and white polka dot print.

Our answer comes courtesy of Lucky's Special Projects Director Laura Morgan, a self-proclaimed Peter Pan collar fanatic who knows everything there is to know about pulling off this look without seeming twee:

"So I've got a decade on you and already have two kids, and I'm totally obsessed with Peter Pan collars—actually, pretty much collars in general. There are weeks when I probably wear them three times to our office. Granted, I work at Lucky, not a conservative office, but I don't think that should stop you. I have a button-down Marc Jacobs shirt with a daisy print and a bejeweled collar (my most over-the-top one), one with a tiny dog print on it from Zara and my husband even got me the splurge-y Louis Vuitton snap-on leather version. That said, they can skew cutesy and make you look like a dress-up paper doll, so you do need to make sure you wear them with an otherwise streamlined outfit. Jeans are OK for sure—but make sure they're tailored, the right length for your shoes and not sloppy. I like them with A-line miniskirts especially for a bit of a '60s silhouette. In general, if you're wearing a printed collar, I would make sure the other piece in your outfit is a solid. And since you need to be office-appropriate, find ones that also work with a blazer—make sure the collar line doesn't get bunched up if you add on a jacket. The good thing about Peter Pan collars is they do lean a bit prim, so you'll never be in danger of looking too racy for work.

All that said, just last week I was out to dinner and spotted a woman who was about 65 in a green shirt with a Peter Pan collar and butterfly print. She did look a little silly. I don't think the problem was the collar, though—for her age, the print and the color with the collar were just too much. It didn't help that the material looked really cheap. At a certain age, I do think you need to dress up the rest of your ensemble (nice heels, proper bag, and clothes that fit just right) to pull it off. But you're only 26! You've got at least two decades until you have to worry about that!"

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