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"Lauren Santo Domingo! She has the coolest pics."

- Adrianna Barrionuevo, Associate Fashion Credits Editor

"One of my favorite pinners is Rachel Phipps, a food writer from the UK. If you like food, fashion or really anything pretty, she's definitely a must-follow—just maybe not on an empty stomach."

- Hanna Howard, Fashion Credits Assistant

"My favorite pinner is Deborah Beau. She is always reliable for evocative and artistically inspiring posts. Basically, Deb's pins brings out the part of me that wants to wear a white linen dress and a messy bun in an empty Paris loft while I eat a bowlful of perfectly royal blue blueberries and listen to The Smiths and engage a typewriter to record strange poetry…barefoot."

- Jenny Achiam, Digital Intern

"I have a not so secret love of all things food. Especially if it involves sugar. Or marshmallows. Or chocolate. So I love a good baking Pinner. My Baking Addiction has incredible finds and beautiful pictures. And Jamie covers more than just baking so I feel like I get a good, well rounded foodie's view on life.

- Hillary McDaniels, Digital Production Assistant

"I've been obsessed with Roséline Lohr's blog, This is Glamorous, for several years—and from day one, it's been perfect Pinterest fodder, so it makes sense that Lohr's ACTUAL Pinterest page is one of the most beautiful collages of imagery I've ever seen. With boards dedicated to everything from sequins to chignons to beautiful minerals—yes, as in rocks—it's a must-visit for anyone who's ever wanted to live in her own Sofia Coppola film."

- Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor

"When I really want to hit the cooking Pinterest world hard, I hop on over to Cara at Big Girls, Small Kitchen. You can't look at a single one of her boards without getting instantly hungry. And she has a whole board dedicated to grilled cheese sandwiches! With over 400 pins!"

- Hillary McDaniels, Digital Production Assistant

"I recently became obsessed with this pinterest board "My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter." It follows Quinoa, the trendiest kid you'll ever (not) meet. The pinner also has hilarious taglines for each image such as "Some kids like to play dress up; Quinoa likes to play haute couture." and "When out in public with Quinoa, I can hear the sound of hipster ovaries swelling with want."

- Amanda Letchko, Fashion Assistant

"One of my FAVORITE pinners to follow is Erica Levine Ryan. She is a publicist and owner of D&E Marketing. Her board titles are so witty and perfectly organized."

- Noelle Sciacca, Associate Market Editor

"One of the main reasons I use Pinterest is to follow my friend Kaye Blegvad, an illustrator and jewelry designer who lives in London. She is very cool."

- Meredith Bogonovich, Art Assistant