Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 1: Funeral Fashion Face-Off

The Liars are back! Season 4 premiered last night and fans finally got to find out what was in that darn trunk.

"A" isn't done playing with our favorite Rosewood girls and last night's episode was filled with games. Mona gave up some dirt from last season but, as always, the episode raises more questions than it answered. While we continue to wait to find out who "A" is, let's talk about what we do know: PLL style. The girls donned their best LBD's to a certain nemesis' funeral and while one Liar rocked it, another should bury her dress with the dead.


Pros: This LBD is chic with an edge, just like Aria. The beaded bodice and red belt really accentuated Aria in all the right places.

Cons: Aria should have taken Coco Chanel's advice, "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off." The bracelets can stay but with so much happening on the dress, she could have left the necklace at home.


Pros: Sheer has been a trend and as usual Hanna is all over it. And that neckline is to die for. (No pun intended)

Cons: With this much skin showing, you'd never know she's going to a funeral. And it does have a bit of a slutty witch costume vibe.


Pros: As always, Spence looks put together and flawless. The peplum and polka dot detailing make the dress chic and appropriate for the setting.

Cons: None. This is perfection.


Pros: Simple with a touch of detail, this dress is subtle but perfect for the ocassion.

Cons: We know you're not that into fasion, Em, but at least throw on some earrings.


And the winner is...Spencer!