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Spencer Hastings

Pro: Spencer is totally rocking this denim dress, and the added belt makes it more form-fitting.

Con: A little color wouldn't hurt, Spence! If she threw on a bright necklace or some colorful earrings, this outfit would be good to go.

Hanna Marin

Pro: Love the embellished top paired with the bright blazer! And the two broches on the jacket really bring the two pieces together.

Con: The pants seem a little Saturday Night Fever.

Aria Montgomery

Pro: The graphic tee looks great on Aria, and throwing on that military-style button-down post-workout was a cute way to make exercise clothes into an outfit.

Con: I know Aria just got back from a workout sesh, but if you're going to make a move on your new instructor, maybe opt for a less sloppy look.

Mona Vanderwaal

Pro: Since Emily made zero fashion effort this week, let's talk about  Mona. Her oxblood pants are right on trend, but it's the cropped top and denim vest that bring it all together in a low-key but fashionable way.

Con: Hoop earrings and a leopard purse? Maybe a little much when paired together, but they still don't kill her outfit.


And this week's winner is: Mona!