Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 3: Fashion Face-Off

A lot went down in Rosewood last night, so let's recap (never fear—no spoilers here!):

Hanna discovered that all the Liars are on Detective Holbrook's list of ones to watch, and her mom is looking more guilty of murder by the second. Also, can we talk about how not okay it is to ruin perfectly good Manolos!? Caleb is back (hooray!) but so is Melissa (boo!) and both bring bad news. Spencer and Toby play detective at Radley while Aria and Jake get a little bit closer. I hate to say this because I have so much Ezra love, but Jake is cute! Also, legal! For now, he's a keeper.

Meanwhile, the Liar who's probably in the most trouble at the moment is Emily. A's nastiness knows no bounds, and now she's messing with Emily's family in a seriously evil way.

While we await A's next move, click through the slideshow to take your mind off the Liars' fates and ogle their outfits instead.


Pro: This outfit looks comfy! Oxblood is totally Spencer's color.

Con: Remember that song "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer"? Yeah, well, this is the sweater version.